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Day 4 Writing Notes NaNoWriMo18

Some writers write more at the beginning, taking days off and others commit to a daily minimum.  For some it’s a sprint and for others, it’s a marathon.  There are also planners and pantsers.  The planners develop their characters, their story-line and even outline their entire novel before starting so that they can be more efficient and reduce revision time. Pantsers are writing “by the seat of their pants” inventing as they go. They are winging it.  Then there are those who are a little bit of both, called “plantsers.”

I’m a plantser.  I had the idea for Pleasures of the Damned a year ago, started writing it this summer and then stopped when my world got turned upside down when Hurricane Florence swept right over my house, devastating my community, destroying our schools and sending me in a tailspin.  My kids did not go back to school again until the end of October.  They had only been in school a week when the storm hit.  So they were out of school for 6 weeks and I was juggling work, parenting, repairs and my own emotional freak outs from having so much chaos unexpectedly.  I didn’t write at all in September or October.  It was just too much for my already bloated schedule.  As, November approached, I started to think of doing NaNo and decided that writing Pleasures of the Damned in a month was the way to go.  I didn’t have an outline but I had the idea.

Almost as soon as I began, the story started to change.  New characters appeared, new plot points jumped in and my main character changed a bit. I have lost control of the story but am still having fun along the ride. I hope you are too!

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