NaNoWriMo 2018

National Novel Writing Month starts tomorrow. It is a global event where writers attempt to write an entire first draft of a novel in one month. I’ve participated before but never come close to completing a first draft.

This year I’m going to give it another shot. At first I thought I would just write every day, even if I only wrote 50 words, but I am fully committing to this challenge. I am going to write the first draft of the novel Pleasures of the Damned in one month and I am going to share the draft with you on a daily basis. I’ve outlined the novel and it will be exactly 30 chapters, so I will be writing one chapter a day.

After I write the first draft I will need to edit it, so this might be fun for some of you to see how the first draft differs from the last. In addition, I am going to release three podcasts during this time. I really want to learn how to create a writers podcast and this month will be my time to experiment.

The first podcast will be released tomorrow, talking about NaNo and my project.

The podcasts will be available to all, but the drafts of the novel will only be available to supporters on Patreon. You all are the best and your support and patience with me as I’ve gotten through some tough times personally that interfered with my creative work has been greatly appreciated.

I do not want to inundate you with updates and emails on Patreon though, so I plan to post a link to the completed chapters here on a weekly basis, as well as to the podcast. But if you want to read a chapter a day, they will be posted on

Make sure you go to the website and log in with your Patreon password so you can access the members only articles. Here is a TEST POST. If you are a patron and can see this post, you are logged in!

Thank you!

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