NaNoWriMo 2018 Pleasures of the Damned

November 2018 is famous for NaNoWriMo, a month-long writing challenge where participants attempt to write 50,000 words in a month. This amounts to 1,677 words a day if you break it down and never miss a day.

I am writing every day.  I'm writing as much of the novel as I can per day and then also writing about writing the novel in my writing notes.  My writing notes are available to all readers, but my drafts of the novel are available only to Patreon supporters--not because it's so good, but because it's so bad.  It is personal and a little embarrassing to share first drafts of work. We writers like to fine tune and make our work perfect before sharing it with the world.  I'm sharing mine raw and unedited.  As long as you know what you're getitng into, we will all have a great time.

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I will update this page daily with new chapters and new notes.  Keep checking back!

Daily Drafts

Day One: Graduation

Day Two: Book Club

Day Three: Chad

Day Four: Morning

Day Five: Day Off (No New Content)

Day Six: Merci

Day Seven

Day Eight

Day Nine

Day Ten

Writing Notes

Day One Writing Notes

Day Two Writing Notes

Day Three Writing Notes

Day Four Writing Notes

Day Five Writing Notes (Day Off)

Day Six Writing Notes

Day Seven

Day Eight

Day Nine

Day Ten



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