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Day 1 Writing Notes NaNoWriMo18

Day One is complete. I wrote exactly 1,700 words but I only posted 667 because the rest won’t make any sense. I wrote about 700 words this morning, then another 400 this afternoon, then trashed about 300 then pushed through tonight to reach the deadline, but when I wrote tonight, I rewrote the beginning. I was also interrupted in my writing by a certain child of mine who had a science experiment due tomorrow and forgot to finish it. Let’s not talk about that. The homework is done and the child is filled with regret.
This story is already taking some unexpected turns from what I had planned. Who knows if this scene will stay or not. Who knows if any of this will stay or not?

But if you are curious to read and want to keep me accountable, here is day one. Remember to sign in with your patreon account so you can read the members-only text.

Good night!

NaNoWriMo 2018 Day One

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