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Day 7 Writing Notes NaNoWriMo18

November 7

My writing goal today is 5,000 words. That will get me caught up and also a little bit ahead. I had a bad day on Monday and then a busy day on Tuesday which got in the way of my writing. I did write Tuesday, but not enough to make up for Monday. Monday was bad. Very bad. I’m glad it’s not Monday anymore!

Today will be a better day. The two days off, while unproductive as far as word count were productive thinking days. I made some big decisions as to how I will approach the book. I have written 25 pages so far. (That’s incredible!) Before I go on to write 25 more I need to fix some things in the beginning of the book.

Inconsistencies in details in the story, plot, action.

I have some inconsistencies about the boots. When were they given? On stage at graduation? or privately? Was Lydia sitting or standing when she was putting them on?

Is Shelly bubbly or pensive? At first she was a bubbly character, but she needs to be darker, less emotional.

Shelly has split into two characters. The work in the story that Shelly would do has now been delegated in part to Gladys. I need to be careful to keep these characters separate because they have a similar role but in the end their purpose in the story is very different. I need to make sure I’m using the right name and right character in the right place.

Character Development

The characters are developing as I write. I had already made some decisions about them but now that I am writing, their personalities are changing a bit and I am getting closer to defining their intentions and role in the story.

The split of Shelly into Gladys is a critical point I need to get right. Gladys already existed but she had a less active role in the book. Now she will be fully invested. While I refine the details about them, I’m keeping them separate in a couple ways in my own head that I need to transfer to the page:

Shelly is 36 years old. She has 3 kids. She is divorced.

Gladys is 71 years old. She has no kids, never married. Gladys was the founder of Lion Ladies (with Maude) in 1975. Gladys is the mastermind of the Lionesse Ladies originally, but Shelly has taken the group to a new level. Shelly is the new brains of the operation. Shelly and Gladys are both very sociopathic, agenda driven people.

Lydia, in contrast, is passion driven but not naive. She has some blind spots, but she doesn’t cling to them. The book is basically about her opening her eyes to the deception and darkness around her. Lydia is the same age as Shelly but she is not married and doesn’t have kids.

Chronology of Events

Since I’ve been writing in draft format, I’ve screwed up the order of events and need to clean that up. I also need to flush out some of the meat of the plot points. I’m going to go back to the first 25 pages (can you believe I’ve written that many already?) and do some clean up work while also trying to meet my massive writing goal of 5,000 words today.

Wish me luck!

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