My Story

I love the bare naked reality of everyday life, regular people and the moments that reveal who we are at our best and our worst. I explore human nature, conflict, desire, and struggle in my fiction, I study the craft of writing in my essays and I talk about my favorite books and writers on my podcast.

Conflict and emotion are not only ingredients for good stories, but they are also the glue that help us understand and connect with each other.  For all our attempts to be seen one way through the filters we create to protect ourselves, it is in our moments of raw emotion, our weakness and pain, our regrets and mistakes that we learn about each other and either open up to connect or close off to shut each other out.

Reading is about connecting with an imaginary world that helps give meaning or clarity to our reality.  Writing is about creating those worlds, characters and situations that will resonate with a reader and give them an emotional, intellectual, spiritual or fantastical experience that isn’t available or even desirable in their real life that will help them see the world, or themselves in a new light.

Writing that moves the reader is a gift the reader will keep forever. It’s also the hardest to achieve. Studying craft helps us develop the skills to maximize the reader’s experience and tell a compelling and moving story. Experiencing this and creating this in others is what drew me to the life of a writer to begin with. This website is a study of the craft of writing, the joy of reading and thrill and despair of living.

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